More Than Love

Originally published on back on Oct. 7, 2007.

More Than Love

Tap, tap.  Two knocks is all they got.

Officer Yarrow positioned himself next to the door, pressed against the wall.  A slight wave of the his hand, and two officers from at the end of the hallway moved toward the door.  They took positions opposite the door, so they can could cover Yarrow.  Officer Petsky coversed left, and Office Wilkes covereds right, able to see anything once the door is was opened.

"Mr. Taylor," Yarrow said.  No answer.  "Mr. Taylor, this is the police.  Open the door."

There's no answer.  Yarrow could heared shuffling and muffled voices.  Tap, tap.  That time it's was a courtesy.

"Open the door, My. Taylor."

Yarrow raised three fingers for to the other officers to see.  They nodded.  He counted down and when his fingers made a fist, he brought the butt of his rifle down on the doorknob.  It groaned under the weight, and Officer Petsky kicked at the door with a mighty heave.  Wood splintered, and the three men rushed into the small apartment.

"Clear," Yarrow yelled as he passed through the front room.  One door on the left; one door on the right.  He turned right, followed by the other two officers.

Two figures huddle in the bed.  Yarrow raised his weapon.  A middle-aged man sat upright in the bed, a similarly-aged woman seated next to him.  The covers were pulled tightly up against her breasts.

"Turn over on the bed," Yarrow said.  "Put your hands on the headboard."

They turned over.  Yarrow kept his weapon on the two as the other officers removed the covers and watched as the two turned over onto their stomachs.  The woman was nude.  It was hard not to notice.  Yarrow watched as the muscles in her back moved with her struggles to try and keep her dignity and hide her exposed rear.

The officers restrained them and turned them both over to sit up in the bed again.  Officer Wilkes covered the woman.  She whispers a quiet thank you.

"Mr. Taylor, you are under arrest for the crime of Exclusive Progeny."

He hung his head in shame.  Yarrow paused a moment as he watched the woman move closer to her husband.  The covers slipped a bit, and Wilkes moved to cover her again.  Yarrow scowled at him, and Wilkes moved away.

"It is recorded that you have been exclusively married for 12 years without further encounters.  You also have recorded three progeny all by the same biological mother with no trace of DNA elsewhere in the system.  Do you deny these charges?"

"It's not wrong to love only one person," Mr. Taylor replied.

"It's not about love, sir; it's about the future."

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