Monday, April 29, 2013

Creatively Legal

It's April 29, and I'm five weeks into my process of applying to law school. After years of giving myself excuses for not going back for a higher degree, I finally gave myself permission to do something I want to do.

So I've narrowed my choices to a selection of fifteen with the following as my top 5:

UNH - Franklin Pierce Law School
U-Washington Seattle
John Marshall

I've been practicing the LSAT and doing moderately well. I'm confident in my test-taking ability, and the deductive skills suit my mindset already. It's exciting.

So this-being my first post in a year-will be my chronicle as I apply, study, and move on to law school. It'll also by my own study of how a creative writer approaches law and how IP law affects those of us who are creative.

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