Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So much going on. Many updates.

WriteCamp 3 was good. We had about 90 people and some really good sessions. I also think that we did a good job of really pushing the envelope as far as garnering sponsors and repeat visitors. So who knows what next year will bring. Overall I was pleased.

I am still working (though not as strongly) on my post-apocalyptic, Second Coming story. I'm roughly 40,000 words in, which is pretty solid. I think I should finish by the end of the summer -- only because another project has landed in my metaphorical lap.

Hence the title. CONvergence. It was great.

This year's theme was "The future through the past." Needless to say there was a lot of steampunk-ery going on, which was great. I was really stoked for the conference because of that, and I was equally enthralled with all the costumes and the sessions. Most notable was a session entitled "Beyond Dirigibles and Pith Helmets," which was about going beyond Europe or even Earth as a setting point for steampunk works. In it I got a great idea for an adventure-based story with a strong female main character and a lot of non-European story to be told. I'm quite excited for it.

My tentative title: "The Amazing Adventures of Lucinda Barrington, Empress of the Danforthe: a Tale in 7 Parts Regarding the End of the World." Yeah, it's long. But it's gonna be awesome.

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