Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Begin at the Beginning

So NaNoWriMo is coming up quick, and I'm much better prepared this year than I was the last two - and especially last year. I've settled on the Steampunk genre, and I've got a fairly good plot outline. The YA aspect is a bit sketchy, but that's because I'm very new to the arena, and some of it is self-doubt. I'm sure I'll get over that.

One of the threads on the NaNo forum asks for a 20-word plot summary, which I decided to do, because I think that a one-sentence concept is always a good place to start (mine is a little over - but no worries). It's what I have my students start with when I teach the mechanics of a short story; it's what producers will ask for if you ever submit a screenplay (though that call it your log line).

So here's mine (please give some thoughts/comments): A young boy is thrown into a world of political under-dealings when he begins to question the death of his inventor uncle.

More next time. Cheers.

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Sandra Fowke said...

I am so curious about Steampunk and your story sounds like something I would enjoy reading. I've been thinking that after Nanowri I might try my hand at writing a series of Steampunk short stories just to get a feel for it.